Foldable Electronic Video Magnifiers

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VisionAid Technologies Transportable Video Magnifiers

Mezzo Focus 16″

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Eschenbach Vario Digital FHD

Vario Digital FHD 15.6 Foldable CCTV

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Mezzo/Topolino XY Table

Mezzo Focus 20″

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Vario Digital FHD Advanced Desktop Video Magnifier

Vario Digital FHD Advanced

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Desktop Video Magnifiers - VisionAid Technologies

Mezzo Vario 16″ with Battery

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Reinecker Vision - VisionAid Technologies

Mezzo Focus 24″

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ClearView GO 15-Inch

ClearView GO 15″

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ClearView GO 17-Inch

ClearView GO 17″

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16-Inch Color Auto Focus Video Magnifier

Vario FHD Advanced with Table and Battery

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Reinecker Vision GmbH

Mezzo EDU

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