Eyedaptic EYE2



The Eyedaptic EYE2 is the first self-contained Augmented Reality glasses with a 45-degree field of view for coverage of the retina. Equipped with patent-pending adaptive vision software to enable simulated natural vision that helps those with central vision loss lead fuller, productive lives.


  • Multiple Viewing Modes
  • Autozoom Mode – automatically zooms to bring text to the users most favored text size, allowing for easier and more efficient use, with no need to remember gestures or controls
  • Portal Mode – fixed magnification within central portal viewing area, blending with the real world
  • Plain Zoom Mode – user controls full-screen uniform magnification
  • Contrast Enhancement – sharpens the edges of text for easier viewing
  • Magnification up to 6x, ideal tradeoff between zoom function and available field of view
  • Fits comfortably, more like traditional eye glasses



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