About C TECH

Your Source for Excellent Vision-Assistance Devices

Since 1984, Chuck Cohen and C TECH have been helping people who are blind, have low vision, have learning disabilities, or other reading difficulties. We aim to help them regain the ability to read, recover independence, and improve their quality of life. We are an independent distributor of assistive equipment in New York and New Jersey. Our product line includes electronic video magnifiers (CCTVs), scan and read software, screen readers, handheld magnifiers, wearables, and Braille products. We offer technology consultation for doctors, funding agencies, employers and therapists. We will help you find the best device to enhance your abilities.

C TECH offers free device demonstrations at home, school, and work with no pressure and no obligation to purchase. Our sales representatives have years of experience and are thoughtful, caring, and professional.

Trusted by Our Diverse Partners

We work with schools, doctors, and both low vision governmental and nongovernmental agencies. In fact, most of the products you'll try in many doctors' and low vision agencies' offices will have the C TECH label.

Get in Touch

With selected products, training and installation are included at no additional cost. Call us for more information and our staff will arrange an in home or workplace demonstration. You may also check out our event schedule on Facebook to see when we are hosting demonstrations for the public.