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Mezzo Focus 20″



Reinecker’s Mezzo Focus 20 desktop electronic magnifier combines the latest in digital camera technology with sleek, compact, easy to use design. The Mezzo uses Low Vision High Definition (LVHD) technology to offer a Full HD high resolution image with no blurring or shadowing, giving the user crystal clear, high-resolution pictures even at the highest magnification levels. The Full HD camera enlarges reading material with the best picture quality, minimal picture noise and reduced reflection of glossy surfaces. A high resolution, LED, flat screen monitor offers excellent ergonomics and movability, making the Mezzo the most comfortable system available.


• 20″ high resolution LED flatscreen monitor (1600x 900 pixels)
• Magnification 2.6x to 30x with auto focus
• NELE (Natural Evolution Light Experience) Technology to reduce shadows and reflections – particularly important while handwriting
• Simple, intuitive 3 button operation
• 6 customizable color selections, including full color
• Brightness control, with windowing and line marking
• XY table with brake
• Weight approx. 23 pounds
Approximate dimensions: unfolded 46 x 50 x 52 cm/ 18.1″ x 19.7″ x 20.5″ folded 46 x 18 x 52 cm/ 18.1″ x 7.1″ x 20.5″


Focus camera

Full HD camera with digital zoom

  • magnification approx. 2.6x to 30x factory setting
  • excellent image quality even when using a low zoom level
  • when zooming in and out with speed, no focus readjustment is necessary, as picture is always displayed sharply
  • comfortable autofocus with one-touch deactivation.

Focus monitor

The high resolution, 24” LED, flat screen monitor, (approx 49 cm; 1600 x 900 pixel) with its vertically adjustable and tiltable movability, and spring form positioning, makes the mezzo truly the most ergonomic, comfortable system available. Its compact design and easy folding mechanism make transporting and set up a breeze.



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