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Clearview+ 24″ HD


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Regain independence with Optelec ClearView+ desktop video magnifier. Read the morning newspaper, view family photos, enjoy hobbies, complete crossword puzzles or write checks with the touch of a button.

Convenient use 

ClearView+’s smoothly sliding reading platform helps to navigate around documents. Hands rest on the ergonomic wrist pad next to the controls while reading. The “one touch” brake instantly and effortlessly freezes the position of the document so you never lose track of where you were viewing.

Comfortable reading at close proximity 

For reading comfort, ClearView+ allows the monitor to be adjusted to the preferred position with ease. Move the screen up or down, forward or backward, or tilt it in order to optimize the distance between your eyes and the image. The ultra flexible monitor arm offers 90° degrees rotation for column reading.

Simple controls

Designed specifically for comfort and simplicity, ClearView+’s “one button” main control is located conveniently on the reading platform. This way the image can be easily adjusted when needed and stay focused on the text. Less frequently used controls can be hidden with a cover.

Excellent image 

All ClearView+ units use the latest video processing technology, resulting in smooth character edges, vivid colors and true color representation. See the sharpest details of characters or objects in high contrast.

Customizable product 

Tailor ClearView+ according to your needs and budget. There are different models available with basic or advanced options. Select a model and customize it by choosing the preferred monitor size and functionality. Every ClearView+ model offers standard computer connectivity.



  • Continuous magnification: 2.8X – 78X
  • Auto-focus Full HD 1080P camera
  • Focus lock
  • Superior video processing for extending reading pleasure
  • 24-inch full color TFT widescreen display
  • Adjustable document viewing modes:
    • Full color photo mode
    • 2 standard high contrast color combinations for easier reading
    • 16 selectable high contrast color combinations for easier reading (optional)
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Overview function (optional)
  • Position locator (optional)
  • Reading lines (optional)
  • Window blinds (optional)
  • Integrated lighting for even illumination
  • Easy-glide reading platform with an electronic brake
  • PC compatibility via HDMI
  • Footswitch (optional)



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