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Compact 8 Portable Electronic Magnifier


NEW Compact 8 Portable Electronic Magnifier

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Brilliant Image Quality – Read magnified text in high-contrast colors and view objects from a short distance. The large 8-inch screen allows you to fit more text on the screen for maximum overview.  Dynamic Contrast – A proprietary feature that enhances the contrast of similar colors and provides sharper, clearer, and more defined images, making undetectable text visible again!
Live Panning Feature – Easily zoom in and out of your targeted live view and swipe (pan) in all directions to read and magnify this larger field of view—all without physically moving the device. Built-in Stand for Comfortable Viewing – Simply fold out the built-in reading stand and the Compact 8 is ideally positioned at a comfortable reading/viewing angle—no more hunching over! View objects or text from a short distance—like a café menu or a posted bus schedule. Use it in live-view or snap a picture and magnify and pan the displayed image as needed.



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